Ideal web applications should render the latest state of visible information. This constraint demands client applications to know what changes after a user’s operation; thus, any possible out-dated data can be refreshed. The fact that the client has to know what the server updates on each business operation introduce a form of Connascence between them.

If you have worked building web applications for a while you probably know what I’m talking about after you read the above resume. If not, it’s also fine. This problem has lived unseen for a while, making us get used to it and thinking it’s…

Reset features are widespread in web applications. Therefore it’s worth finding a reusable solution without falling into complications.

Problem description

Let’s suppose you are a person that wants to start writing small blogs about technology, like me. But instead of using an existing platform, you want to create your own. And you want to have a web form that allows you to send invitations to your friends so they can follow up on your blogs. Kind of like this:

jorge florian

Software engineer

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